Monday, September 29, 2008

Kariza Designs

A boutique that I wish to visit since I saw the advertisement from Facebook.

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This outlet is selling vintage silk skirt that could be wear in 100 ways and the best thing is every single piece is the one and only piece! Sounds interesting? Haha... That's why I was here today!

Level 2, next to 7-Eleven

Main Entrance

Various Designs

The Designer ~ Kariza

~the piece of mine~
Share with you when I wear it next time! =)

Kariza Designs
14-2, Jalan 23/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
T: 603-2300 2401

Business Hour:
Open Daily 12pm to 9pm

Join Kariza Design's Group in Facebook for latest update. 30% offer is valid from 28 Sept 08 (Sunday) to 4 Oct 08 (Saturday) as part of Hari Raya celebrations. However, it's closed on public holiday.

Good news!
They are planning to have an online store to serve the fans in the rest of Malaysia and Singapore as well! Could be expected in November 2008.

By the way, in case Lakshmi or Arvind is reading now, would you give me extra discounts for this free advertisement? I'm sure that I will be there for every new arrivals! Hehe... =P

So, girls~ enjoy shopping ya!

* Kaisan & Elaine: Don't miss it! It's really nice!!! =P


  1. Many advertisements on your blog recently hor? You know some people actually get paid to post commercial on their blog.
    Anyway, write more things about yourself neh... I wanna know how you doing there... Miss ya lot.


  2. hahahhah..surprise to see my name appear at the bottom! but too bad it is in KL...not in SG..sad sad..sad...i love it! so nice!

  3. wanjye:
    Free advertisement is just to share my favourites with friends. No commercial issue here.

    By the way, not only you wanna know how I am doing here, but I also wish to know how are you doing there! So what can you do for me? =)

    Miss you a lot here too! Can't wait until our date! *blek*

    Don't worry, online shopping is coming soon! =)

  4. la la lala~~ *blek blek*

  5. next time u go bring me along ok??