Tuesday, November 11, 2008

1806 ~ 1 year old...


hahaha... never thought that I could write my blog continuously for one year! yeepie... so happy! this is my 155th post since I have this blog with my first post, so it's means that every 2-3 days will have a new post.

Usually, I would share my happiness, travelogue, nice food, nice places, nice movies, nice dates, promoting our ice cafe... etc. here with my friends. Uploading new photos, sharing my life with those beloved best friends who are so far away from me. Letting them to know that I am doing good and enjoying now. So, don't worry!

By the way, I would like to thank my "loyal readers"! hehehe... thanks wanjye, kaisan, ye, elaine, suki, rachel, weiyue, felicia... and last but not least, dear Jim! To those who read but never leave any comments nor message, I really don't know you. So, please say Hi! or leave some message in my shoutbox whenever you drop by. Okay!

Anyway, I will keep it on and put more effort here. So, keep in touch my dear friends and also nice to meet you, my new friends! =)